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There are many restaurants on the Island and it will be years before you could try them all.We have had wonderful meals at all places we have eaten and it is mainly because the seafood is quite fresh all over the island.

Below is a list of some of our favorite dining spots but I would encourage all to venture out for yourselves. I will create a comments section associated with this page and you can leave some of your favorites.

Restaurant TelephoneWebsiteYelp Rating
Poseidon843-341-3838 Poseidon Website
Frankie Bones843-682-4455 Frankie Bones Website
Michael Anthony's (Reservation Recommended) 843-785-6272 Micheal Anthony's Website
Old Oyster Factory843-681-6040 Old Oyster Factory Website
The Boat House 843-681-3663 Skull Creek Boathouse
Scott' at Shelter Coves843-785-7575 Scott's Fishmarket Website
Wise Guy's (Reservation Recommended)843-842-8866 Wise Guys
Crazy Crab at Harbour Town843-363-2722 Crazy Crab
Crazy Crab at Jarvis Creek843-681-5021 Crazy Crab
Ela's on the Water(843) 785-3030 ELA's on the Water
Alexanders(866) 921-6639 Alexanders
Hudsons on the Dock843-681-2772 Hudsons on the Docks

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